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“Tomorrow’s educated person will have to be prepared for life in a global world, he or she must become a citizen of the world in vision, horizon and information”. – Peter Drucker. Today’s world is becoming more complex, diverse and interconnected. Every person in this global world requires international knowledge and cross-cultural understanding in order to enhance self-competitiveness. It is increasingly important that students are aware of global dynamics and competent in cross-cultural communication. Culture has no borders. The good news is, students can now acquire this knowledge and develop these skills through our school’s education initiatives. Some of the well-known initiatives included student exchanges, teacher exchanges, and second language learning programs.

Our school also provides TOEFL and IELTS training classes to prepare international students from all over the world. The successful completion of academic studies at our school will be a key factor in successfully accessing higher education in topnotch post-secondary institutions of North America.

William Academy, Preparing Global Leaders

Testimony from a student:

I like the fact that I met people from another culture and I also like the fact that Toronto is a very safe city with many fun activities. Student – Hong Kong

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