ESL Program

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Our School offers comprehensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program for Canadian and international students with various ESL proficiency levels. Our ESL program focuses on academic English skills required for university and college in North America. There are five levels from A to E to diverse the learning strategy of English. Student who successfully completes the highest level E from our school, will develop fluency in the English language through various ways such as reading, writing, listening, grammar and speaking.

Our Teacher:

Certified ESL teachers use comprehensive teaching practices and methods to maximize students’ English skills. We provide students various resources to practice and improve their English skills via language and computer laboratories, books and magazines, videos and movies and etc.

Our Class:

Our intensive ESL program is 6 weeks per level and 20 hrs per week. Our small interactive ESL program only allows 10 to 15 students per class, therefore, we could guarantee that everyone could receive individual attention and assistance from teachers. It is allowing students to improve their English more efficiently.

Student Will:

After the successful completion of ESL program at our school, our student will develop excellent English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. It could maximize the benefit of their higher education preparation.

Course Outline

Level Course
Level A: Introduction and Foundation of English Language and North American Culture Comprehensive Listening and Speaking
Basic Vocabulary and Spelling
Introduction of Reading and Writing
Level B: Intermediate understanding of English as a Second Language Spelling and Introduction of Grammar
Intermediate Reading and Writing
Intermediate Listening and Pronunciation Lab
Level C: Comprehensive study of critical thinking and writing skills for ESL Learning Introduction of Critical Thinking on Reading and Writing
Intensive Listening and Speaking Lab
Intermediate Grammar Learning
Level D: Advanced study of reading and writing skills for ESL Learning Intermediate Learning Skills of Critical Thinking on Reading and Writing
Advanced Listening and Speaking Lab
Advanced Grammar Learning
Level E: Intensive ESL learning on all kinds of academic requirements Academic Reading and Writing Lab
Professional Notetaking, Listening and Speaking
Computer Communication and Presentation