Summer Camp

The Summer Camp English Program is designed to seize the potential of International students between the age of 10 and 20 and develop their English proficiency.

This program strives for excellence in providing a learning environment that emphasizes academic development and individual growth. Students are not limited to practicing English during class time, but also during field trips that allow them to experience Canadian culture.

The program focuses on three key elements. Firstly, students are able to learn and understand North American English through communicative activities such as watching videos, reading and talking about news, and partaking in classroom debates. The program enables students to learn English through formal in-class teaching as well as from well planned activities.

Secondly, in a diversified learning environment, students are able to improve their cross-cultural communication skills within the multicultural mosaic of Canada.

Lastly, this international experience will broaden student’s global vision and allow them to make friends with people from all over the world. International experience is a must in today’s globalized environment.

Students are taken to various field trips to sight see and interact with others.

English Summer Camp is held in July and August every year. Students can choose the program for three weeks or more (at most six weeks).

Students who attend our camp will return home with unforgettable memories and friendships with students from around the world.

All camp programs include:

1. English Classes

Small interactive classes of 15-20 students
Beginner to Advanced ESL levels
Taught by certified teachers with ESL training experience
Language Group for students to communicate with local students

2. Half-day Trips

To visit historical landmarks in Toronto and surrounding areas:
University of Toronto Tour
Lakeshore BBQ and Picnic Tour
Ontario Science Center

3. Full-day Trips

To visit Ontario famous attractions:
Niagara Falls, Marineland
Canada’s Wonderland
CN Tower, City Hall
Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec city, One thousand Island Tour

4. Evening Activities

Students will participate in evening recreational activities:
*Movie, Music and Dance Night
*Shopping, KEG Dinner

Program Duration:
Three weeks or Six weeks

Offered in:
July and August

10-20 years old


Students under 18 years old require a custodian who is a Canadian immigrant or a Canadian citizen. A Canadian custodian can be a student’s relative or leader of the camp.

School address

William Academy is located at 3761 Victoria St., Scarborough. The campus is close to shopping, medical facilities and restaurants.


My younger son Steve traveled to overseas for the first time and joined the summer camp at William Academy in the summer of 2010. It was for only three weeks but I realized the big change of him. After he came back home, besides making lots of English QQ friends and great improvement in English, I found out that he started clean his own room and do his own laundry. I have to admit that he is the only son I have and I spoiled him a lot. Therefore, he had never done any housework before. I am very glad of my son’s change and appreciate William Academy help my son grow up!

Mike from China

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