Camp Feedback

Read what some our attendees thought of our program!

a) My younger son Steve traveled to overseas for the first time and joined the summer camp at William Academy in the summer of 2010. It was for only three weeks but I realized the big change of him. After he came back home, besides making lots of English QQ friends and great improvement in English, I found out that he started clean his own room and do his own laundry. I have to admit that he is the only son I have and I spoiled him a lot. Therefore, he had never done any housework before. I am very glad of my son’s change and appreciate William Academy help my son grow up! Mike from China

b) I am a grade 10 student in China. Last year, I participated the English summer camp in Canada. The teachers and the campers are very nice to me. I went to many famous sites and really had lots of fun. Most importantly, my English improves a lot. After I went back to China, I submitted my application for study permit. It was approved within a month. Now I am happily studying at high school courses at William Academy.

c) My friends from China, Korea, Mexico and India, together with my Canadian-born buddies, make me see the world as a wonderful reality where all these diverse cultures can harmoniously live together. I experienced new flavours, words, horizons, a global viewpoint, and certainly became a more open-minded person. Jerry-Markham, Ontario.

d) My name is Emily and I am a Grade 8 student. I joined the summer camp at William Academy last summer. It was great because the English class are fun and attractive, and the out door activities are fabulous. We went to many places such as CN Tower, Niagara Falls and so on. It was an unforgettable memory in my life. I am in the process of applying for student visa to come to study in Canada, of course, at William Academy!

e) I joined the winter camp at William Academy, I have never seen, tried and experience so many things even in my imagination, there is so much to do and to discover, It was the first time I saw snow, I went skiing and I rode a snowmobile. A special highlight was the skiing at Blue Mountain. The feeling to stand on the mountain and to look down at the white land is just awesome… Annie from Korea

f) The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. I lived the life of my dreams during the past 3 weeks summer camp in Canada and every single day was a special adventure. The beautiful landscape, the friendliness and hospitality of the Canadians. It did not matter if we had a Canadian BBQ at my host family’s gathering, if we went swimming at the beach, or if we just enjoyed the boating at Niagara Fall, we had so much fun.

g) Canada has so many breath-taking features to offer. I saw the most beautiful mountain sceneries, the most beautiful beaches and sunsets, the most beautiful forests and the cutest bears, cities like Toronto, Quebec, Montreal, Vancouver and Victoria. I meet lots of wonderful people, and I made friends from all over the worlds. I could go on for hours telling you about my experiences and adventures and enthuse over Canada, and I know that I will never forget all those things I experienced during the last 3 weeks. The time went by too fast and saying goodbye was so incredibly hard. Canada has become a special home for me and my Canadian family and friends will always have a special place in my heart!

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