Tutoring Course Overview

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Q: What is William Academy’s concurrent program?

A: Concurrent program is coordinated and executed by Ontario certified teachers. The course content and syllabus are consistent with day-school’s curriculum. The small class size contributes to outstanding effectiveness. Based on the students?? day-school curriculums, the materials will be taught not only concurrently to day-school learning materials, but new materials also will be taught prior to the day-school schedule.

Besides attending their day-school regularly, students will attend the concurrent program in William Academy during the weekends. Every class is approximately 2.5 hours, and the materials are taught prior to the regular day-school class schedule. The main purpose is to deliver the course materials to students prior to their day-school class, it serves as a preparation class. By doing so, when the students go to their regular day-school classes, they are already familiar with the course materials, so that they can understand the materials better and review them at the same time. The concurrent program allows students to acquire their interests in the particular subject and improve their grades substantially within a short period of time. The concurrent program is one of our most known programs, which is well liked and recognized by parents and students. William Academy has many years of experiences in offering concurrent programs to various students, and many of these students have successfully obtained average of 90% or above in their own school.

Q: What are some main courses that are focused by the concurrent program?

The concurrent program mainly focuses on students with weaknesses in Math, English and Science. The program also puts more priorities on difficult chapters along with additional practice homework to strengthen students?? fundamental knowledge and abilities in understanding certain subject topics. For example, math requires good practices, insufficient level of practices usually leads to incompetence in math. Therefore, by assigning additional exercises to students will allow them to have more practices in order to construct a solid fundamental knowledge base. Moreover, English writing and reading are always constraints of Chinese students, unfortunately, regularly school class will not help students to address their individual weaknesses in English. In William Academy, we are devoted to systematically improve students?? English proficiency by extra tutoring in areas that they do poorly. When English is not a constraint anymore, the overall average grade will certainly improve at the same time. Concurrent programs included: Grade 5 to Grade 12 Math courses, Grade 5 and Grade 12 English reading and writing class, and Grade 7 to Grade 12 science courses.

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