Science Tutoring Course

Physics, Chemistry and Biology are usually the weaknesses of many high school students. Our teachers?? experiences tell us the reason that students tend to not do well in these subjects is the fact that these subjects contain a large amount of specific scientific terms, which usually caused difficulties for students to understand and memorize. As a result, our teachers have co-ordinated the class not only to focus on scientific knowledge and concepts, but also address the difficulties in memorizing scientific terms. The tutoring class enabled students to improve their academic achievements in science subjects, as well as to enhance their interests in the science field.

Course Schedule/Week Start/End Price
Gr9 Science Sat 12:00??2:00 9/7–1/18 $450
Gr10 Science Sat 9:30–11:30 9/7–1/18 $450
Gr11 SPH3U prep Sun 9:30–12:30 9/8-??12/15 $480
Gr11 SCH3U prep Sun 1:00–4:00 9/8??-12/15 $480
Gr11 SBI3U prep Sun 9:30–12:30 9/8??-12/15 $480
Gr12 SPH4U prep Sun 1:00–4:00 9/8??-12/15 $480
Gr12 SCH4U prep Sun 9:30–12:30 9/8-??12/15 $480
Gr12 SBI4U prep Sun 1:00–4:00 9/8-??12/15 $480


1) No class on Aug 5 (Monday, Civic Holiday)
2) 1-1 tutoring?? $35-65/Hour
3) $20 material fee applies for each concurrent course
4) For classes missed due to students?? personal issues, no makeup classes can be made
5) Payment methods: Only cash and cheque are accepted. Payable to “William Academy”; $25 will be charged for each cheque returned by banks.
6) Refund Policy: Once registered, no refunds can be made. In case of unusual situations, e.g illness(must provide doctor notes) etc, remaining balances can be refunded upon the approval of the school board, less 10% fee on the whole amount of the registered course.
7) William Academy reserves the right of final explanation on any changes and updates.

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