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Q: What are the differences between the educational system in China and Canada?

A: There is a huge difference between the secondary education system in Canada and China. The most remarkable advantage in the Chinese educational system is the focused development and training on students?? fundamental knowledge. Students from China are usually equipped with strong knowledge base in subjects, especially in math and science field. The Chinese students are typically well prepared in writing tests and exams. However, students’ competencies are mainly determined by exams, once you failed to do well in an exam, your path to success might be constrained. As a result, the intense pressures have made students to strive their efforts only in exam preparation, but the education for all-around development is weak. In addition, high school curriculums are designed and monitored by the National Education Ministry, students have the opportunities to choose to study in their field of interests only until they progress to post-secondary education. On the other hand, in the Canadian secondary education system, regardless of the teaching method or curriculum coordination, flexibility and practicality are encouraged. More importantly, the all-around development of student is crucial. Canada incorporates a credit accumulation system, in which each course earns student one credit, and when 30 credits are accumulated, the student is eligible to graduate. Within these 30 credits, there are 16 credits are for mandatory courses including English, Mathematics, Natural Science, History, and Geography; the rest of 14 credits are free electives which students can select courses that are most interested to their academic and personal development.

Q: What are some difficulties that children of new immigrants face when adapting to the Canadian educational system?

A: The main reason for many Chinese families to immigrate to Canada is for the benefit for their children. Due to the fact that the intense pressures under the Chinese educational system often negatively impact the students’ abilities to achieve better personal development, therefore they are willing to give up their wealthy lifestyle in China and move to Canada to provide their children with better education.

Regardless of the difficulties in adapting into the new living environment or the probabilities in finding a desirable job, without an exception, the immigrants’ children very much enjoy the lenient learning environment, especially after they picked up the English language. In the beginning, the parents happily witnessed their children??s enjoyment and pleasures of attending school. Even though their grades were not meeting your expectation, when you saw them bring home their projects which they spent several days to work on, you feel comforted. Nevertheless, as time passes by, parents who are from a traditional Chinese education system started to worry about the education system which consists with no homework and lots of playtime. They started to question about their choice: whether this educational system is suitable for my children, and under such system, whether my children are able to get into topnotch universities.

My daughter is in Grade Seven this year, but she still cannot memorize the multiplication table. I tried to teach her, but she argued that the teacher did not teach in this way.

My son is in Grade Nine this year, everyday when I come home from work, I can always see him sitting there to surf the Internet and play computer games. I asked him to do his homework, his response is either already finished or no homework at all. I can obviously feel that his homework load was very little and his fundamental knowledge was not solid at all. I want to let him to do some extra tutoring exercises, but I can??t really find any ideal ones from the Internet.

My daughter is presently attending Grade Twelve, based on her current average of 79%, which is far from the admission requirement by any prestigious universities. Indeed, her English writing and science subjects are always her weaknesses, which lowered her overall average marks. Even though there is no university entrant exam in Canada, the average marks of six of the Grade Twelve courses will determine a student??s qualification in progressing to post-secondary education. In addition, an average of 85% is usually the minimum requirement for entering any of the topnotch universities. A 90% average will secure the opportunity to enter into desirable majors of prestigious universities. My daughter studies hard, I really want to help her to advance her academic development. However, due to my language constraints, I was not able to provide her much guidance.??

Q: Why the concurrent program originated by William Academy is the best solution to solve the above problems?

A: The advantage of Chinese educational system is the development of solid fundamental knowledge, and the advantage of Canadian educational system is the all-around personal development. Both have their strength and weakness. How to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses? The concurrent program originated by William Academy is the best choice! The philosophy of the concurrent program by William Academy is to strategically develop and enhance students?? fundamental knowledge, as well as to allow their all-around personal development such as critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

Q: When is the concurrent program started?

A: The concurrent program is held in every February, April, July and August. Every parent hopes their children to have better academic performance in new school year, therefore they would like to send their children to William Academy every weekend to participate in the concurrent program which will benefit their academic achievement in school. By developing interests in certain subject in the concurrent program, the students are also able to realize their potentials and objectives toward future development. We pride ourselves on understanding the challenges and opportunities in academic studies for each individual. William Academy is committed to excellence, and that is found in the concurrent program that we offer to our students. At William Academy, we are devoted to provide a professional, supportive and innovative learning environment for all of our students. Our ultimate goal is to assist our students to seize their potentials and develop profound knowledge to maximize their academic and career development in their future.

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