Q & A

  1. What services does William Academy provide to its students? Which of them are free?

William Academy offers students a variety of services to better serve their academic development at school. Some of the services on campus included: day-school curriculum coaching, after-school tutoring, and university admission counseling. In addition, we also provide off-site services such as shuttle services to/from the airport, visa application, field trips, and wide selection of extra-curriculum activities. If you would like more information regarding our free services such as day-school curriculum coaching, university admission counseling, and shuttle services, please email to wschool@rogers.com

  1. What are some extra-curriculum activities that William Academy offers to its students?

Extra-curricular activities are school-based activities that occur outside of class time and are not credited. These clubs and groups serve to enrich student experience and to help them develop their interests and passions. As William Academy expands our student population, we are constantly adding new clubs and activities to serve students’ interests. Our current activities include:

  • Field trips
  • Anime club
  • Film club
  • Poetry club
  • Student council
  • Pick-up basketball
  1. What are some university admission counseling services that William Academy provides?

William Academy has experienced academic guidance counselors at school every day. They help students throughout the university application process. The counseling service is included in student tuition.

  1. What is some guidance that William Academy offers to assist students in their selection of courses?

Based on the interests and career objectives of each individual student, our experienced academic consultants will provide expert opinions and develop precise study plan in assisting students to select the most suitable courses and majors that cater to each student. In this case, students are able to concentrate on courses that benefit and best fit them the most without wasting time and efforts in acquiring credits for non-relevant courses. The academic development of each student will be more effective.

  1. How does William Academy work together with parents to ensure the quality of students’ education?

We believe that students require a large support base to achieve their full academic and personal potential, so our school strives to work together with parents to support their children. Academic consultants at William Academy communicate frequently with parents to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their student and to offer academic and behavior reports. If necessary, we will work with parents to plan courses of action to improve student grades or to offer enrichment.