Activities and Events

1.Activities-Student Development Program

Leadership Program

This program is designed to cultivate the leadership spirit of each student. As we all know, leadership spirit is very important in North America. In this program, we request every student constantly play the role of team leader. Therefore, each student could have the chance to learn teamwork skills, critical thinking, time management and goal �Csetting.

Community Service Program

This program gives students opportunities to volunteer at community service centre. Therefore, they could earn community service hours, which is a pre-requisite for high school graduation. Furthermore, they could raise social awareness and earn work experience.

2.Events-Weekend Trips and Clubs


Our clubs are organized and held by our students with teacher��s supervision. We have self-discovery clubs, fundraising clubs, team building clubs and so on. Our sports clubs such as badminton, pingpong, soccer club constantly hold sport activities, champions and training programs. Students are welcomed to join for any of these activities in order to gain better physical and emotional health level, as well as gain teamwork spirit and socialize with others.


Trips and Outdoor Activities

We have scheduled trips and outdoor activities during weekends, such as skating, swimming, BBQ, beach volleyball and so on. And also, we have planned trips to Niagara Falls, Quebec City, Montreal and some other tourism places during summer time.