Success Stories

  1. My daughter was not doing well in high school math, and she started questioning about her own abilities when she progressed to Grade 11. My friend recommended me to send her to William Academy, and with a five months, her interest and understanding in math has improved dramatically. Thanks to William Academy, my daughter got an A in her final grade of Grade 11 Math. She was very happy about the result. More importantly, she regained the confidence in studying math…
    Angela’s mother
  2. Last summer, my son was taking grade 12 English and Calculus classes at the William Academy. He was happy to receive 81% and 94% for those classes because he did not have to worry about them during his regular school year. With the other four marks he received from his day school, the average of his top six courses was 92%. He had already received acceptance letters from several universities, including the renowned business school at York University, Schulich, the school of his dreams, thank you.
    From Jerry’s parents.

Students’ Comments

a) My name is David and I came to Canada 2 years ago. I felt very much stressed at school in Canada as it was totally different from my where I came. My parents was busy with their business and left me alone in Canada, I was then indulged myself to computer games, spending much more time on computer game than my homework. My mom worried about me a lot and brought me to William Academy, we spoke with one of the educational advisors Louie. Louie answered all my mom’s questions and concerns in every detail. After I started at William Academy as a full-time student, I found William Academy made me feel like home, they truly understood my needs as a new comer, and guide me adapt to Canadian school life. I felt very comfortable studying at William, I am looking forward to graduate from William and achieve my goal of getting acceptance by University of Toronto, thanks Louie and all school teachers.

b) My classmates are from China, Korea, Mexico and India, together with my Canadian-born buddies, make me see the world as a wonderful reality where all these diverse cultures can harmoniously live together. I experienced new flavours, words, horizons, a global viewpoint, and certainly became a more open-minded person.

Jerry–Markham, Ontario

c) I got all “A”s and I was accepted by all the universities that I applied with scholarships. The teachers are great and I am receiving an excellent education for the future. I would recommend William Academy to everyone.

Jack from Korea