Q & A

1:What are some credit courses that your school is offering?
A:The following is a list of credit courses that offer in our School:
ENG3U/ENG4U; MHF4U; MCV4U; MDM4U; SPH3U/4U; SCH3U/4U; SBI3U/4U; MCR3U; LKADU (Mandarin), LKDDU (Cantonese); OLC4O; TOEFL & IELTS, and etc.
2: What kinds of the teachers are instructing the courses in your school?
A: All the teachers in our school are registered high school teachers in Ontario. Math and science courses are taught by highly component Asian-Canadian teachers while English courses are taught by native Canadian teachers.

3: What is the length of each credit course in your school?
A: All of the credit courses are strictly followed the required length of 110 hours regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

4: What is the uniqueness of credit courses offered in your school?
A: Our school opens new classes every two months. The time is flexible, the curriculum is focused, and the result is remarkable. Besides the regular daytime classes, there are also evening, weekend and Summer classes available to students. Students are free to choose from a variety of options to best fit their educational objectives.

5: Besides the well-known small class teaching, does your school also offer 1-to-1 tutoring?
A: Our school offers 1-to-1 tutoring to students to further enhance their understanding in the course materials more efficiently. The tutoring time is flexible and the result is highly exceptional.