University Springboard Program

Our springboard program has been specifically designed to provide students with a tailored plan for university admission. The program includes:
– One to one and small class sizes.
– English tutoring for a month prior to the commencement of classes.
– Guidance counseling.
– Individual plans to suit a student’s specific needs.

Admission Requirements

– Grade 10, 11, 12 students with a strong academic background and English proficiency.
– IELTS must be 5.0 or above (If student does not have an IETLS score, she/he must take an English proficiency test at William Academy in order to determine his/her English level)
– If a student does not satisfy these 2 conditions, the student can first complete the ESL program at William Academy before entering our Springboard Program.
– Student should not be capitalized, must be in good health, school’s code of conduct and complete all course requirements as directed by William Academy faculty.

Program Fee Notes
Registration Fee 300 Canadian dollar Non-refundable
University Springboard Program $23,800.00/annual Maximum Eight (8) credits/courses within one year