Ontario Graduate Certificate

In order to enter universities or colleges in North America, students who complete secondary school in Ontario are required to obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). In order to be granted the OSSD, students need to earn a minimum of 30 credits, successfully complete the provincial secondary school literacy requirement (OSSLT or OLC4O) and 40 hours community activities. Of the 30 credits required, 18 are compulsory and 12 are elective.

Benefits of William’s High School Program 

Fair Evaluation
Course evaluation at William Academy promotes true learning and improvement. Generally, marks are distributed between assignments, presentations and tests. Therefore, the pressure of the final exam is lower and students can have more opportunities to demonstrate their learning and achieve better results.

Course Work (6 Unit Tests) Final Exam
70% 30%

International Students
William Academy helps international students to better adopt the North American education system. We provide the following language assistance programs for our international students in addition to their regular courses:
– TOEFL preparation to improve test scores
– IELTS preparation to enhance test results
– ESL courses from Level A to E to help students advance their language skills