Success Stories

Parents’ Comments:

a) My daughter was an A student in China, as some of my friends sent their children to study abroad for brighter future, we enrolled our daughter to study at William Academy as per recommendation from our sister in Toronto. At beginning, we were very much worried about her English. However, my daughter relieved us when she told us she enjoys ESL class very much, her teacher Jennifer is a young lady with great passion. She made every student in her small class actively participate in the English learning process. As a result, my daughter not only improved her English, but also overcame her shyness to make presentation in front of people. We are so proud of my daughter and so grateful to teacher Jennifer!

Students’ Comments

a) My name is Paul and I came to Canada recently. I attend William Academy for my high school study. After the placement test, I was put into ESL level C, now I just graduated from the ESL program and I felt it was really helpful for my current study. The teachers were very helpful and the classmates were very friendly. I appreciate the help that William Academy gave me!