2 Weeks Camp

Camp Schedule

Arrive at camp
Welcome dinner party
Camp opening ceremony, mayor’s speech, camp orientation, safety rules learning
Authentic Canadian life experiences (take buses, send postcards, ask local Canadians directions)
Attend local society activities, discuss Canadian history with veterans
Study ice-sports English
Practice curling, ice hockey
Watch hockey and skating games in an Olympic -size hockey arena
Study basic golf English
Learn golf skills together with local students
Learn about the Canadian high school education system, University of Toronto subjects and enrolment requirements, and history of Toronto sight seeing
Trip to Toronto: visit University of Toronto, CN Tower, Lake Ontario
Return to student dormitory
Study adventure and nature ecosystem English
Cobourg outdoor hiking adventure (team leadership training)
Problem-solving skills conclusion
Talent performance preparation class
Interaction of talent and skills with local students
Multi-culture “We Got Talent” show
Study Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in English
Cobourg Scavenger Hunt
See local society activities, interact with special guest
Study water-sports English
Yacht and sailboat experience
Multi-culture Movie Night on beach
Study art English
Cobourg sandcastle festival/Sand sculpture activity
Sandcastle festival photography award and contest
Study advanced golf English
Golf competition with local students
Learn history of Niagara Falls in English
Trip to Niagara Falls: Visit Niagara-On-The-Lake and Niagara fashion outlets
Activity conclusion, PPT exhibition of Niagara Falls Trip/div>
Study literature English
Learn and rehearse Canadian drama in English
Farewell party; Drama and talent performance award contest
Convocation Ceremony, Principal grants certificate, scholarship and acceptance letter of William Academy

Shopping. Students then will:

1. Return home country, 2. Continue the 3rd week summer camp, 3. Continue Canadian tour as per personal plan.

Camp Activities

DAY1: Arrival Day & Welcome Dinner

Students arrive at Cobourg and are taken to their apartments and given an orientation of the building. That evening, the camp will hold a welcome dinner.

DAY2: Opening Ceremony & Introduction to Cobourg

During the opening ceremony, Cobourg’s mayor will welcome the arrival of students. Each student will receive a copy of an instruction manual, and students will be asked to carefully study the safety rules and Canadian laws and regulations to ensure that all students have a safe and enjoyable experience.

In the afternoon, students will experience Canadian life in the town of Cobourg through engaging in a number of authentic experiences. They will learn to use the public transportations system, send letters at the local post office, and ask local residents for directions. These experience will provide students with essential skills and give them confidence in their new environment.

After dinner, the students will meet with community members and interview local veterans to learn about their life experiences, Canadian history and culture.

DAY3: Winter Sports: Ice Hockey, Curling and Ice Skating

Canada is famous for the strength of its winter sports. Many Canadian children start skating, curling or playing ice hockey as young as 4 years old. Hockey is the national sport of Canadians and is an important part of Canada’s national identity.

Students will learn about Canadian winter sports. In the afternoon, students will be provided with professional sports equipment to practice and develop their skills on ice. In the evening, students will watch hockey and ice skating at a local venue and cheer for the team they support.

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DAY4: Time to develop your Golf Skills!

Imagine playing a round of golf in Cobourg’s scenic landscape. Canada is a golfer’s paradise!

After a classroom session on the rules of golf, students will be taken to a Cobourg golf course to learn from professional coaches and enjoy the local countryside with friends. Students will practice their golf swing in a fun and supportive environment.

After dinner, the students will start to prepare for a day trip to Toronto. Prior to departure, students will learn about the attractions they plan to visit. In addition, Canadian licensed teachers will explain the differences between Canada’s high school education system and others. As part of the discussion, they will also share information on applying to Canadian universities, including the University of Toronto.

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DAY5: Toronto Tour

Students embark on their journey to Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Students will visit the University of Toronto and experience the charm of a first-class educational institution. Students will be given the chance to imagine themselves attending this prestigious university. Students will also visit Canada’s tallest building, the CN Tower, and enjoy the magnificent views of the city from the observation deck.

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DAY6: Experience Canada’s Beauty on a Hiking Adventure

After learning about Canada’s geography and ecology, students are taken for a hike in the Cobourg area on a day of adventure. Hiking make you appreciate the natural rhythms happening around us and makes us feel closer to nature! Students can not only enhance their leadership abilities but also inspire their potential, courage and enterprising spirit. Hiking adventures develop students’ self-awareness, confidence and endurance.

After returning to the camp, students will summarize the problem-solving skills and independent thinking skills they have learned during the adventure. Students will then be asked to write about their adventure in English and deliver a 5-minute speech at camp.

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DAY7: Show us your talents!

Under their teacher’s guidance, students will work with their new friends to prepare for a talent show where they will display their sports skills and artistic talents. In the evening, students will attend the Multicultural “We Got Talent!” show hosted by the school. Winners will be awarded prizes.

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DAY8: Cobourg Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a popular activity in North America. It involves performing a list of tasks or finding all of the items on a list before anyone else does.
Scavenger hunts develop students’ skills in sourcing and locating information from a text. It is aimed at encouraging students to activate their prior knowledge and make connections through a fun and engaging activity. Students will be asked to correctly complete a worksheet by interacting with local residents and exploring all that Cobourg has to offer.

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DAY9: Water Sports Experience, Yacht and Sailing

After learning about water safety, students will be escorted to Lake Ontario to experience the excitement of boating in this glorious area. Here, students will not only embrace the sights and sounds of life on the lake, but also learn more about sailing in this beautiful part of the world.

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DAY10: Create your own sand sculpture!

Students partake in art classes and plan their own sketch of a sand sculpture. Students will then be taken to the beach to create a variety of sand sculpture works according to their own sketches. On this day, students can explore different sculpting techniques and produce original pieces that stand out by their magnitude, technique and aesthetics.

If you catch the sand sculpture festival held annually in Cobourg, you can even compete with the world-class master! The Cobourg Sand Sculpture Festival is an annual event and is an incredible display of sand being hand-carved by sculptors.

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DAY11: Golf Contest with Canadian Friends!

It’s time to show off your golfing skills! On a professional golf course, students will team up with their Canadian little buddies and try their hand at golf in a golf contest! During a range of activities, students not only develop their golf skills, but learn about golf etiquette during the match. Skills acquired on this day will prove highly beneficial in mainstream interactions in Canadian society.

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DAY12: Niagara Falls Day Trip

Niagara Falls is the largest waterfall by volume in North America and is the most famous waterfall in the world. There are many reasons why Niagara Falls is famous including its stunning display of raw power and the fact that it has become one of the most photographed locations in the world.

Niagara Falls also has a number of spectacular attractions including allowing tourist to board a boat and get close to the Falls. Students will feel the vibrations from the thunderous fall of the water. This thrilling experience is one to remember!

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DAY13: Drama Study, Farewell Party, Drama Talent Show

In Canada, drama is a common subject at school. Students will learn Canadian theater culture and improve their literacy skills with their new Canadian friends.
After rehearsals, students will participate in camp farewell party, showcasing the skills they have learned in the dramatic arts.

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DAY14: Convocation Ceremony, Principal Grants Certificates

At the convocation ceremony, principal will grant certificates and William Academy acceptance letters. Outstanding students will receive a William Academy Scholarship. Students then depart the camp with sincere wishes and warm memories from their Canadian teachers and friends.