Q & A

Q:I want to study aboard in Canada in a few years. I don’t know if there is any help to realize my dream through participating short-term summer camp ?

A:The student who attends our camp can improve English and get an general idea and knowledge of Canada. Furthermore, student has chance to visit the famous university in Great Toronto which will help them make their school selection. On the other hand, the student will get a good record for study permit application.

Q:I am not good at English, I am worried if I can keep up with other students?

A:Take it easy. Our English class has different levels. Some of our camp organizers and instructors are bilingual. They will help you improve your oral English and basic English expression rapidly.

Q:What kind of materials will be used in the summer camp English class?

A:The materials we used is edited by our certified teacher with years of ESL teaching experience. Those materials are lively and rich in content and varied in style. They have strong practicability and combine theory with practice.

Q:What kind of conditions are needed for visa application? Do I need to pay the tuition fee prior to my visa application?

A: Visa’s approval or not depends on your personal condition and visa officer’s subjective judgement and decision. You should pay the tuition fee first and apply for visa with your original school acceptance letter and tuition fee receipt.

Q:If the visa is refused, how about the fee that I have paid?

A: The tuition fee will be refunded except for $300 registration fee.

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