Q & A

Q: I want to study abroad in a few years. Will participating in a short-term summer camp help me to reach my goals?

A: The students who attend our camp can improve their English and experience living in Canada. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to visit a number of well-respected universities in the area. It can also assist during the study permit application process.

Q: My English skills are limited and I am worried about keeping up with other students.

A: Take it easy. Our English classes have different levels and you will be placed with students at a similar level.  Some of our camp organizers and instructors are bilingual.

Q: What kinds of materials are used in the summer camp English classes?

A: The materials we use are edited by our certified teachers with years of ESL teaching experience. They are lively and rich in content. Theory is mixed with practical application.

Q: How does the visa application process work? Do I need to pay the tuition fee prior to my visa application?

A: Visa approval depends on your personal circumstances and the visa officer’s judgment. You should pay the tuition fee first and then apply for the visa with your original school acceptance letter and tuition fee receipt.

Q: If the visa is refused, what happens to the fee that I have paid?

A: The tuition fee will be refunded. The $200 registration fee is non-refundable.

Q: What is included in the summer camp fee?

A: Summer Camp Fees Include:

  1. All scheduled activities, accommodation, transportation, meals, admission fee, medical insurance
  2. Trip to Niagara Falls
  3. Trip to Toronto

Summer Camp Fees do not include:

  1. Non-scheduled Tour
  2. Individual consumption outside set meal times
  3. Individual living and study necessities
  4. International flight round-trip ticket, domestic country transportation fee
  5. Fees for passport application, visa application, and notarization

Q: Will the camp schedule be changed?

A: Schedules are subject to change due to unforeseeable circumstances (including but not limited to, reservation cancellations, weather conditions, flight changes, etc).

Q: Can the schedule be customized to our needs?

A: The summer camp runs on a weekly basis. Schedules can run up to four weeks and can be customized to meet your needs. We can also arrange extra one week tour of Canada’s eastern coast after the summer camp.

If needed, students can also attend other summer camps of William Academy, such as Sports Camp, English Immersion Camp, University Tour Camp with enrolment guide, and High School Credits Camp, etc.


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