Teacher strength


We offer a commitment to providing world-class learning to our students. One of the most important ways in reaching that goal is to have a team of highly qualified, professional teachers. Here, we proudly introduce to you our elite team of instructors.

Linda: Once was a very outstanding mathematics teacher in Shanghai, she came to Toronto and obtained a Master of Education from York University. With her Ontario teacher’s license, she started teaching mathematics at a high school in Toronto in 1991, and to date, she has obtained 22 years of experience. Not only does Linda have a rich experience and professional knowledge teaching mathematics in Canada, she has a profound understanding of the differences in the education systems of both Canada and China. She has helped many newcomers integrate very well into the study environment here.

Tony: With a double doctorate degree in Mathematics, he is one of the top mathematics teachers at our institution. Because he had developed such great passion for math, he was the one and only student who transferred from the Computer Science degree into Mathematics during his university years. Moreover, he has won numerous math competitions. With his many years of teaching experience, the students are able to not only rapidly increase their grades, but they are also able to completely grasp the ideas and concepts, allowing them to fully experience the fun, enjoyment, and the fasination of the world of mathematics.

Hannah: As a graduate of a well recognized university for English studies, Hannah holds a Master of English from Brock University and currently teaches English at a high school in Toronto. With a very strong background in the English language, she is an expert in Writing, Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammar. With her original and effective teaching style, she is adored by all students and parents.

Terry: As an experienced high school Mathematics teacher, Terry adapt in Waterloo Mathematics competitions as well as Math Olympics. His leading attributes include:

  • Over 10 years of teaching high school mathematics
  • Emphasizes on the students’ and the parents’ needs
  • Very responsible, and can quickly increase the students’ grades

Jessica: Graduated from the Peking University with a doctorate degree, Jessica went to Germany to teach English for 3 years. With lots of resources, she is unmatched in teaching English for tests and examinations. Not only does she show strength with her in depth knowledge, she also brings out the main points in her lessons and shows sincerity in her job, making the lessons a great learning experience!

Kenny: Mathematics, physics, Ontario teaching License

Jennifer: English, Ontario teaching License, strength in teaching reading and writing

Erwin: English, Ontario teaching License, helps students with building confidence

Jean: Mathematics, Physics, Ontario License, strong work ethnic and a serious working attitude

Gale: Mathematics, Physics, Ontario teaching License, creates fun learning atmosphere for the students

Jenny: Teacher for Gifted students, Ontario teaching License, has a serious attitude towards work, explains concepts with clarity

Nancy: English Teacher, Ontario license, and strength in teaching writing essays, grammar, reading, and vocabulary