School Campus

Located in Toronto, the multi-cultural, economic hub of Canada, William Academy boasts two beautiful campuses for students to select from:

William Academy, Downtown is located in the beautiful historic Kent School built in 1908 at 980 Dufferin Street. Nestled a few blocks from the University of Toronto, the campus boasts a full sized gym, library and access to local culture. With direct access to the Toronto subway system, students can easily access the theatre district, museum and art gallery, providing a wealth of enrichment opportunities for students wishing to study there.

William Academy, Scarborough is located in the quiet suburbs at 3761 Victoria Park Ave with direct access to public transit and a variety of amenities. The Scarborough campus provides a comfortable familiar environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city for students looking to avoid the distractions that city life can bring. Students who wish to engage in city life on the weekends still have access to libraries, shopping centers and sports facilities all within walking distance from the school.


Regardless of the campus selected, school staff will be on hand to help your child integrate into the school community and Canadian society as a whole.

Toronto is a safe and diverse city with more than 100 languages and dialects being spoken by its residents. According to the City of Toronto, the largest number of immigrants living in Toronto is from China.Toronto is also the financial center of Canada and the 3rd largest in North America. It is Canada’s largest employment center and strong employment in both manufacturing and service industries, giving students and residents more opportunities to get jobs in the summer or after graduation. In addition, Ontario has the highest employment rates for new graduates in Canada for the past two years, which is higher than British Columbia and Quebec.


As for international students, the expenses for education and living in Canada are significantly lower than that of the US, UK or other countries. With its multicultural background, newcomers will not have a hard time getting accustomed to their new surroundings.

The advantage of study at Toronto, Canada?

  1. It has many world renowned universities and specialized programs
  2. It has well-rounded social and healthcare systems, and a safe environment
  3. It has an open immigration policy, students are allowed to apply for working visa while studying
  4. It is the financial centre of Canada with bright prospects of employments
  5. Upon graduation, with 1 or more years of working experiences in Canada, students can apply for Canadian citizen, as well as family reunion and parents visit

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