Objectives & Philosophy

Message from Jennifer

At William Academy, we believe that every student who enters our doors is filled with promise. Our mission as a school is to convert that promise into fulfillment – to turn young girls and boys into conscientious men and women who are leaders both in their fields of study, and in their communities; men and women who have the ability, courage and determination to make a difference.

We do not believe that this path will always be smooth and linear, but as a school community, we believe that every student holds in them the possibility to do great things. This fundamental belief shapes everything that we do at the school, from our focus on social action, to our daily extra help sessions, to our various extra-curricular clubs and teams. We believe that in order to reach their potential, we need to give students the opportunity to lead, be successful, make mistakes and learn from those mistakes, all while knowing that they are in a safe, warm, caring environment where they will be supported.

Every child is gifted and talented.Educators at William Academy make it their daily mission to uncover those talents and gifts in each of our students.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to you as you explore what William Academy has to offer – whether you are an alumni, looking to reconnect with the school as a volunteer or peer tutor; a new student trying to learn more about the community that you will enter; a parent looking for ways to support your child, or a potential new student or parent looking to see what we have to offer. We are incredibly proud of our school and its history and we hope that you will join us to add to those accomplishments.

Jennifer Mansker, OCT

Message from Louis

William Academy is an elite private school in the Greater Toronto area. It is dedicated to the development of the whole person, stressing the personal self-esteem and worth of the student and the teacher. The school emphasizes strong academic performances, and social responsibility. Students who attend William Academy receive instruction not merely to acquire knowledge but to attain the skills and values that will assist them in becoming contributing members of society.

Louis Sacco, MA, B.Ed
Supervising Principal

Our Mission

At William Academy, our mission is to effectively improve students’ grades, inspire them to reach their full potential, and fulfill the students’ and their parents’ wish to succeed in entering topnotch Universities in North America.

We promote academic, social and character development of our students by offering them a challenging but supportive learning environment. We recognize our students as unique individuals and adapt our teaching methods to their special needs. The success of our students is a reflection of our high quality and well-developed method of education.

William Academy will ensure students’ success not only in the current academic life but also in their University Studies and future careers. With the guidance and help from our professional team, it is our commitment to both the student and parents that every student at William will make their dream come true.

William Academy, your pathway to a prestigious university!
William Academy, Preparing Tomorrow’s Global Leaders!

Philosophy of Education

We pride ourselves on understanding the challenges and opportunities in academic studies for high school students.

We believe that hard work can change one’s future and learning can fulfill one’s dream. At William International Academy, We have a core value of providing a “professional, reliable, and innovative” learning experience for our students. To support our fundamental learning principles and to keep the quality of teaching to an optimal level, we commit to small class size. We advocate for personal education and professionalism in the services we provide.