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Why study at William Academy?

William Academy is a private secondary school, which is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education with Registration Number BSID 668187.

96% of the students at William Academy are gaining acceptance to renowned universities such as the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo and McMaster University.

We are dedicated to helping students achieve academic excellence through our experienced teaching staff, specialized programs and unique teaching methods.

We offer a wide range of courses for new students such as Ontario intermediate and high school courses, University preparation courses, and college specialist courses. We also provide ESL programs, study abroad winter/summer camps and international exchange programs for international students. With such a large variety of services to choose from, we will definitely be able to fit the needs of any students.

Upon graduation, students from our school will receive a OSSD(Ontario Secondary School Diploma), which is recognized in 100% of the universities in Canada and the United States.

We have a team of teachers who are experienced in helping new students to better adapt to the Canadian educational system. All our teachers are licensed teachers with professional teacher training certificates. Our teachers constantly offer 1 to 1 tutorials to students who need additional help after class.

In order to bring the best learning experience possible, we offer courses with small class sizes so that all of the students will receive individual attention and guidance.

For international students, we have a team of specialists to help you with your Visa application and help you settle into your new life in Canada. We also have boarding homes for students under 18 years old.

Upon acceptance into the university preparatory program at William Academy, students will receive conditional letters of acceptance from our University partners

We also assist our Grade 12 students with university and college application procedures.